A friend kindly reeled off a list of running songs to me the other day. I was shocked by how many there were!

My favourite from the below list has to be Kate Bush – “Running up that hill”. This was actually Kate’s first single, released in 1985….so I would have been only 1 year old (now your know my age!). Running up that hill was originally called “A deal with God” and so wasn’t anything about running up hills at all!! (Although when I am running up hills it’s often a song that pops into my head)

The song is actually about the fact that men and women can’t seem to understand each other…don’t we all know. For the simple reason that we are so different. But, if it would be possible to swap roles and take the others place for a bit then we could learn something and understand more about the other gender. The only way this could ever be done is if you could make a “Deal with God” to swap places – which was the songs original name.

But because the title of the song would contain the word “God” it wouldn’t be accepted in many countries…and so it was called “Running up that hill” So in a way I guess the song lost it’s meaning a little. Still…it keeps me running up that hill!!

"Running" Songs
What is your favourite "Running" Song?